Our Mission

To eliminate the reading problems associated with Dyslexia.

Our Goals - 2017


We have identified sufficient growth in private, corporate, and government contract work that we feel will provide full time work for at least three new people. We are looking for these people now.

Academic Research Trial

We are currently gearing up for an Academic Research Trial of our methodolgy which will involve subjects from two quite disparate groups. One group will be selected from offenders on Probation, and the other group will be students from one or more UK Universities. Interest has been expressed in partnering us for the trial from three Universities keen to take part. We will be carrying out the trial in partnership with the academic faculties at the Universities and in the case of the offenders, with the support of the Probation Service's Case Management Team.

This is an excitng development, and one that we think will significantly raise the profile for the work we are doing to address one of the single biggest negative impacts of Dyslexia on the lives of those involved - Literacy.

Our People

Mark Christensen has worked in the Computer Industry since 1981: in the financial sector; in telecommunications; and in voice recognition.

Since 1996, when Mark was asked to worked with three dyslexic students at a private school near Wellington in New Zealand, he has worked with hundreds of dyslexic people of all ages to eliminate the reading problems they have previously lived with. Through this work he has developed the methodology now used to achieve rapid and assured results, freeing Dyslexics from the handicap of illiteracy.

In 2002 Mark moved to the UK, and until January 2011 worked as a Senior Technical Analyst at the Skipton Building Society (SBS), supporting the enterprise systems for SBS, HML, and a number of Client Building Societies. He built a 24x7 technical support team to provide specialist application support to the Building Society for its business applications (Jade and SQL). From January 2011 to January 2012 Mark carried out a similar role at Ascribe PLC: building and training a technical support and service management team; transitioning the service management of enterprise Jade systems from Jade New Zealand to be managed in-house at Ascribe for CNWL (Central North West London NHS Foundation Trust), DoH - Territories Health in the Nothern Territoies of Australia; and wrote plans for the migrations of service management for GMW (Greater Manchester West Mental Healt Foundation Trust), and for RDNS (Royal District Nursing Society based in Mebourne in Australia). Except for RDNS, all these systems are now being managed from Ascribe's site in Bolton.

Mark is now devoting his full time energies to building the Literate business, teaching Dyslexics to overcome their reading difficulties and teaching others how to use the techniques he has developed. With between one in twenty and one in ten poeple in this country having some degree of dyslexia, there seems little time to waste.

Our Company

Literate Limited was established in 2011 after 15 years of research into proving and refining the techniques and methods that we have used to work with dyslexic people from 11 years of age and older.

Literate Limited was since dissolved and has been revived in November 2016 as a Comminuity Interest Company - Literate Limited CIC and is a private company limited by shares, company No. 10491338 registered at Companies House for England and Wales.

Why a CIC?

We decided to change the company structure to a CIC (Community Interest Company) in recognition of the fact that our reason for being is about the work we do rather than being about profit.